Amazon To Own Independent Apparel Brand in just 3 Months

The primary goal was to liberate kind Apparel from the constraints of Amazon, reducing costs, and increasing profitability while establishing a strong, independent brand presence.

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Now it generates more than 1500 0rder every month on its own website
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More than 25% increase in net profit compare to amazon.
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70% more brand recognisation compare to amazon.
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Get 100% freedom and control on their bussiness


kind Apparel, a Indian clothing brand, faced challenges and limitations within the Amazon marketplace. Seeking independence and improved profitability, the brand partnered with Moons Global Marketing, a digital marketing agency, to transition from Amazon to its own e-commerce platform


The primary goal was to liberate kind Apparel from the constraints of Amazon, reducing costs, and increasing profitability while establishing a strong, independent brand presence. Moons Global Marketing aimed to leverage digital marketing strategies to drive this transition successfully.

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1. Comprehensive Digital Strategy:

  •  Conducted a thorough market analysis to identify target audiences, competitors, and market trends in the Indian fashion industry.

  • Developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to kind Apparel’s brand identity and goals, with a focus on local cultural nuances.

2. Brand Building and Awareness:

  • Executed targeted social media campaigns on popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to build brand awareness within the Indian market.
  • Created culturally relevant and engaging content to showcase kind Apparel’s values, sustainability initiatives, and fashion-forward products.

3. Customer Engagement and Loyalty:

  • Implemented personalized email marketing campaigns, incorporating regional festivals and celebrations, to engage existing customers and encourage repeat purchases.

  • Introduced loyalty programs and exclusive promotions with an Indian touch to foster a sense of community and brand loyalty.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  •  Conducted SEO optimization for kind Apparel’s e-commerce platform, incorporating keywords in local languages to improve search rankings and visibility.

  • Implemented strategies to capture organic traffic from popular Indian search engines.

5. Paid Advertising:

  • Executed targeted and cost-effective paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and regional social media channels.
  • Utilized retargeting strategies to re-engage potential custom


1. Profit Generation:

  • Increased overall profits by ₹18 lakhs within the first year of transitioning from Amazon.

2. Cost Reduction:

  • Achieved a cost reduction of ₹13 lakhs, compared to the expenses incurred on Amazon.

3. Customer Base Growth:

  • Facilitated a 30% increase in the customer base, translating to an additional 5 lakh customers.

4. Brand Loyalty:

  • Improved customer retention and loyalty by 18%, measured through repeat purchases and positive feedback.

Problems and Solutions:

    1. Problem: kind Apparel faced limited control, high fees, and fierce competition within the Amazon marketplace.

      Solution: Moons Global Marketing devised a strategic digital marketing plan tailored for the Indian market, enabling kind Apparel to establish an independent e-commerce presence and creating a direct connection with customers.

Through the collaborative efforts of kind Apparel and Moons Global Marketing, the Indian clothing brand successfully transitioned from Amazon, achieving increased profitability, cost efficiency, and a stronger brand presence within the unique context of the Indian market. The tailored digital marketing strategies played a pivotal role in building brand awareness, engaging customers, and driving sales, allowing kind Apparel to thrive independently. to read more case studies click here and to see our services click here.


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